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Nausea loss of railings not worry leaning , attrac

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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2011
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Skąd: England

PostWysłany: Czw 0:40, 05 Maj 2011    Temat postu: Nausea loss of railings not worry leaning , attrac

There is no awareness, time is like water. Have been a few days on an instant return from Caiyunzhinan, comrades said the years had passed, in order to bustling life unbearable. I smiled and light response, in fact, smiling, does not mean I'm happy. Behind may be a lonely, may be a habit.
Yunnan these days just come back, perhaps the kind of relaxed mood tourist drowned temporarily depressed mood, no matter how busy yourself with a positive attitude can get it done, really do not know how long it can maintain this attitude, Perhaps the pressures of life, he could feel the hit soon, but no matter how I will remain a pious heart to face his own life.
Maybe people really will only grow up in a real load to the heart, spiritual pressure, was none other than the most extravagant hopes of the times [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], really never grow up themselves. Population in the north-south, a lot of surface really chic and suave you on behalf of their world, in fact, there are many answers, but no matter what we have to learn to calm, calm face of his life, embrace everything, frankly in the face of everything, do not give up easily. Be sure to treat yourself, treat around the care of their loved ones and friends. Because you care about others, they will care about you. So his friends often send some blessings to the information, whether or not on their own for their return is not so important, and perhaps he really willing to enjoy the freedom of loneliness and so-called, have forgotten that their expectations are What a feeling, forget the heart is how excited the surging sea.
why, near the water ascends the building. No one that seems to muddy solitude, He Xun in Yangzhou. never, know rhyme wins, embarrassed by the rain, gentle wind intolerance. More Whose flute, blowing thick depression. Mo hate snow Hong consumption reduction be the channel, sweep trace the situation to remain. unspeakable Department, Evening Danyue, Sparse yet romantic. a long lonely journey, filled the air Until this year, will fill in behind the deep and shallow footprint. After a setback after they seem to love too much numb the face of nagging their parents and relatives, but remains silent, is what they have been hurt too deeply, or older, and thinking too mature to think too much, or society ugly, and forces leading to the pure love of money is set on the road right of + status + wall ... ...
do not love yourself no matter what is not, in fact, deep down in their own want to have a real love, say in the military who have a special responsibility and a silent loyalty of far-reaching implication of this statement, it is thoroughly out of the most sincere feelings of soldiers, soldiers of love it reflects the most sincere, it reflects the military The most character is ... ... but I do not know what forces loyal to achieve this responsibility and can not bring themselves to find their true love that point, had numerous singing Terry Lin's love, love, love, dear people to say goodbye to single, but his true love of the return is a fickle, and unfeeling, ruthless man brought me the scars; in fact, also singing miss the taste, just like the coffee, some sugar though you can still Jiaoren haggard heart, how are sad, that's not the kind of results I want, you said in this life you will not leave me, leave me too much more confused you [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], finally you still leave me ... ...
Perhaps the mood of people with the environment will become desolate desolate heart vast, vast landscape must have. Corner of life has been very difficult to stop the scenery is encountered, can not they know the eyes of the military be seen through [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], do not be afraid to love the pain, although now I still struggle to love alone, but also long enough to eat the bitter love, but love people who lost everywhere but I'm only one, lonely Red Dust So many people happy few, opposite the beautiful big eyes flashing, blinking blinking blinking blinking blinking may never did see me, but I want to say is fact and not bad and I have a good guy, is there room no car, pocket much money, please do not walk, and passed it, do not pass, and missed the money-weighted Geography does not come to change the status of beautiful girl ah love you get rid of the yoke, to give up worldly vision to put my hands to pick a rose shy, let me into your heart Wo Wo, I will work hard for you to strive to give you the happy and well-being happy!
out to a length of ten fingers, not to mention the people? There is no perfect world people, how attractive men and women in love before the world when the decision is to choose:
money weighted american status? Plus talent plus character, or filial piety?
nothing is perfect, and only fit the best. Life, using their own way of life, to go its own way of life, not the so-called right or wrong, good and bad, successes and failures, only the results of the so-called, there is no hard and fast things, the status of today's money-weighted american tomorrow, no one can predict three decades east west three decades, the world all things are changing, and today's filial plus talent plus character is weighted to take money in exchange for american status can not be a lifetime of wealth, so friends please tear off the mask of hypocrisy you to live out the real you [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!

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