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At the time loved

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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2011
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Skąd: England

PostWysłany: Sob 20:32, 07 Maj 2011    Temat postu: At the time loved

In the end how do you know, and for a long time did not think of it, because it is met in three years. It is subtle, but always led by what some faint trace strands around. Get away, but also by not nearly ...
What that is good? ! name so sweet why? want them to think what the special relationship it! Remember ah! br> day to day and night in every room secretly stroll away. He told me every aspect of life are concerned, but it had no say in the one hand, this is my personal feelings. Instead, the gurgle all day long I was to find a wife he gave me, when this time, his face a Shoulder [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Guzuoshenchen said: of! To my mind there are always some vague uneasiness, afraid of? Themselves do not understand.
people say that all stories can have only one young subject, we have not escaped the 'love' word. Perhaps it is because bones inherited his father's stubborn, reserved or inherent in the share of girls, I always pretend willful indifference to him. Time to move back a day, I was in the back of his eyes to see a bit of sadness. Was trying to tell him his feelings, but always felt very good, I put off, the last, or whether he spoke first, but the content made me ... ...
floating drizzle outside, it can be said into the very conception of the kind of weather. I strongly suggested not to carry an umbrella, he looked at me, it acquiesced. In fact, intuitive by girls, I know what bad things will happen. The middle of the path along the willow in his front, and I followed slowly behind, casually looked around.
a long time, he called me, themselves. He pointed to a tree around
said to me: small storm, but can not do it.
He then turned to the distant [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then added: fuzzy, the brain exploding skirr, blankly watching him, and no other ideas, just want a good look at him, his every detail engraved in the heart, afraid of an eyes closed, a U-turn, only left blank. He still looked far ahead, to continue with his words,
I think she is very good. Two is not a place, ah! Who then agreed that, before he could answer, I added,
has been a long time, his hand on my shoulder, and gently touched it, said: like, I like! , holding tightly, as if afraid I lost the same! Stick his head in my ears, brings tears to say I tried to push him, and marching the trail patch of rain ran away. Ear only the wind [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the rain, but the tears and the rain had soaked me a little bit of turmoil in the hearts of the young.
home, please leave a week, every day in bed, what do not want, staring at the photograph of his daze. The seventh day, I went to the mirror, gently lift up her hair, smile sake: it? in the end how to deal with it?
Finally, I chose to go with the flow, more precisely, to escape, and nothing to look for him, every day I work hard, study with, full of life, a little dilute forward to the situation. just the rising sun in between each piece falling out of the blue. I said to myself, everything will get better! to give yourself a smile, let him drift away with the wind and good ... ...
a rainy day, but heavy rain, the time is one night a year later. I just finished adding classes to return to residence, pager rings, the number displayed is the home of her sister, it must be urgent. can phone battery died , I did not buy, are thinking of ways in a hurry. Liu Jing. heart customize their own right, sick ah! so useless? I did not say anything out, took the card to the phone went. cheer for themselves, let them come up with a strong look! When was about to insert the card, there are four delicate carved in small print on the card surface designated -----This is the people's love special card, am I what? Why so cheap! Have you thought about my feelings? How do you let me? Who can help me? enough with their feet that the telephone, by a little hands-free.
He sincerely wish you well in later life: joy, happiness, health [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! Nothing at all! so much ... ... When looking at brightly lit, bustling metropolis, I faint in front of their own, said: Goodbye!

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