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The naming of happiness

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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2011
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PostWysłany: Pon 20:19, 23 Maj 2011    Temat postu: The naming of happiness

In the plain of life, desire for expansion of control to prevent distress clusters. To create a happy reason to own a happy feeling.
happiness What is happiness? Is safe and sound, is a happy marriage, good health is everything, and not exactly. Feelings in all of life, happiness may be the most indefinite points and definitions. Open dictionary Fortunately Note angle is: So happiness is a feeling, a thought that is a very personal spiritual pleasure. Wear grade silk, food and delicacies were not necessarily happy; Cuyi cloth shoes [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], light meal of tea people are not necessarily unhappy. We believe that those who live a very humble person, is very happy. Yamen officials and street beggars, they feel the happiness of the power is equal. No high or low, regardless of class, different classes of people are being bathed in equal luster. I met a blind man in the car, her car from the countryside to the city every day to sell the seed. Bitter people in the car said she was too much hard living, but she did not agree to all of us a smile, said: . daughter of healthy growth, high academic achievers; old mother always worried about me. Although I am blind in my heart is very bright, but also feel very happy. in comprehension. The complainers a plaintive look forward to the right relative to its left care but can not see its advantages; nothing man, his face resulting from unrealistic expectations and bad luck are unwilling to give way, the result is almost lost self confidence; narrow desolate lonely people paranoid loneliness is due to worrying too much suffering, as well as joy, anger, uncertainty, deviate only human, uncharacteristically so on, they still do not know him, happiness is one of spiritual fulfillment, positive philosophical state of mind performance. Lin day Beibeiqieqie [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sentimental, she is not with the people of adequacy ratio, but a single lonely life experience to compare with others; flowers happy not to sentiment, but as one of the sad experience of funeral flowers. This is anything too happy at all, resulting in their own end of life by a fragile and premature death.
lot at the right time, being not as we expected so far. In fact, life is full of many elements of happiness. Can be said that happiness on the side. For example: One of my students to new mothers, on the phone told me that she would take it, then just a toddler son [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], my father bought already know how to put the cherry then sent to her mouth: eat! Growing baby has been given to experience pleasure from, this tender love to get my students excited about this, the phone could hear out of her feeling of happiness and satisfaction of tone, I'm happy for her to feel this happiness. In the ordinary details of life, we must be good at feeling happy, an American beauty Lanjue, eat a delicious meal and hear a known weight of light to know the truth, love interest of a move or look, turned down an unnecessary entertainment, sit-ins before the case of reading a good book on the way, happy as the sun, like air, like water, life abounds, everywhere. For the time being forget about unhappy things, convinced that the sun will not shine where the moon. Then the days of plain hard to understand is also the happiness of their own, ready to leave to go about happiness. As long as you live comfortably, you will no doubt in happiness. May wish to think so: alive is a blessing, more alive and healthy is a blessing, has a job with the ability to earn a living is a blessing for happiness. Do not value fame and fortune, do not cling to wealthy elite, not to make life a slave, Rengeyouzhi, live law varies, in real life who is demanding perfection, and happiness will come to miss.
for happiness is what you think. Twin sister, looks like angel. The sister's husband, is a happy thing, because he is a more rational but open-minded person; and for her sister's husband, is a painful thing, because he is a narrow-minded and highly Good suspicious person. The pursuit of happiness there were alternative, they have no desire for material things, content with the most basic daily needs items. Cezanne's father as a powerful, Tolstoy came from a wealthy business magnates to take advantage of future generations million homes consistent Schopenhauer, Van Gogh followed his brother can enjoy life. However, they have gone their own way to go and sacrifice for the cause. If reality does not fulfill their want to do, they will lose their happiness but will miserable.
Some people say that happiness is a double-edged sword, said, and is. Because the spirit of happiness brings happiness, but also erode the people's best endurance, who have pride in the stage of life filled with ambitious people who, once captured the happiness of the past tend to lose high morale. Ayutthaya has some deep thought, happiness thanks to the pain, it is true the case. Because only enjoy the taste of the pain, suffering undergone painful [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it realized that the happiness more sweet and therefore will cherish.
rich and varied life, and life is plain trivial. Let us dull life, desire to control inflation and prevent distress clusters, to create a happy reason to own a happy feeling. While we can not become rich, and can not be saints, but we can be the most happy people!

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