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Guihong groups of vertical is also willing to wait

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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2011
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Skąd: England

PostWysłany: Sob 20:34, 07 Maj 2011    Temat postu: Guihong groups of vertical is also willing to wait

Heart-year-old father of that year because of an accident would leave the world, bear the burden of life will be with her mother and younger brother marrying men from afar. Lost the original warm and happy families, the heart will never be the face of a little smile. Stepfather home in the heart young age [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], blazing the hardships and bitterness of life, step-mother is not good, how can we expect him to love their own children and not the heart and the younger brother? Later, her stepfather and mother have the child, the heart seems to be more in this family has become a superfluous man. To save money, would have been the stepfather is bent on the hearts of primary school dropouts, in his ideas for a girl in school is really worthwhile, not to mention the heart is not her own daughter, the mother begged him even to the kneel before the point stepfather gave up the idea of ​​dropping out of school to the heart, but heart stepfather asked after school, holidays or vacations in the need to take on more household chores, laundry, cooking, looking after his brother, and that half sister.
take heart was stepfather to handle when a girl, forget the heart as if only a minor child. Heart from the heart, grateful for her stepfather, as long as the school, any work she can do, pull her stepfather so much that the family is not easy to raise a child, the burden is indeed too heavy, and she as the boss do not want younger brothers and sisters suffering to suffer it? In a cold wind blowing in the evening, came back from the part-time jobs outside the heart of the mother to see a large iron bowl is rubbing clothes, cold heart of the mother holding the little red and swollen hands, tears fall down a trial of strength. Side of the heart to the mother Calei gently and said softly: De hard and hard, almost every year have been assessed on the roll student. Years of flies, ten years alternating cold and heat, the heart is like a blade of grass to grow a stubborn, Chula blink of an eye she has a nice juicy big girl into a. College Entrance Examination at the time reported, the heart of Beijing not hesitate to fill out a famous institution of higher learning. Scored in the days of waiting, the heart has no peace, because she knows can not afford to fail the college entrance examination, because if it fails stepfather and mother is no longer for her to repeat the power, and his dream never realized the. Heart can be admitted to the university?
on my own heart has finally got his wish to obtain excellent results that are well-known in Beijing University. In the moment of receiving the acceptance letter, the heart is like deep dreams in general, her face finally showing a rare smile, smile blossoming, brilliant bloom ... ... back pack, the heart of a man hit the road. Long school road, in front of what would be waiting for her?
standing on the streets of Beijing and see the bright bustling heart of mind suddenly, she is like a caged bird for far too long finally got a new life; repressed emotions get free long long time With a desire to let her scream impulse: Perhaps due to the unique life experiences, making the heart of the character of quiet and soft, I do not know why, in the eyes of her students as much as a distinctive aloof temperament. University is full of sunshine and a place for youth, love is always in a place like this to these young students to patronize him. Never thought from the heart not ready to find love in college, she is obsessed with learning and studied her in school as a devout Therefore, in one after another around her, Just like her unique personality, looks gorgeous girls provoke already gearing up for those boys to try it out.
administered by the department where the heart, wit many, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. We received a lot of gifted mind intentionally or unintentionally, hints and note things like love letters, but are indifferent to these heart smile. But many in her class this talented male students, one male attention she was a little a bit, of course, just pay attention to it, he is ice. Ice, the sun handsome, passionate, was born in Homer said. Parents ice the car business, the business has expanded to the European market, in Frankfurt, Germany also set up a branch. Like this have a strong family background endowed with both the Ice does not seem to love learning, but it never seriously listened to the teacher's class, the results could be ice each test are among the best, always on the dessert was very surprised.
heart of ice in fact no special feeling, but the ice is too good, and could not help but do not concern him. The heart of the ice has long been aware, and in the eyes of ice, the heart unlike the other girls so secular publicity. Quiet mind clear eyes seem to hide a deep depression Ruoyouruowu color, a touch of sadness that Qianxiansushou gently like a breath of ice struck a chord, so he had a desire comfort the heart to care for the idea.
ice and the heart so the students have maintained the general relationship between the ice is still there are many beautiful women around are accompanied by, the heart has also been idle in the hard work and discipline. Time passes, the feeling of ice on the heart seems to have some subtle changes. At first, the ice did not care, but then he felt wrong child, and smart as he finally realized that the ice is called Once the gate opened it feeling like the galloping tide is running from the ice without falling in love with the heart to stop. But the heart knows the personality of ice, the girls like him will not easily accept the feelings of others.
ice tossing, sleepless nights, heart, like that of water hibiscus-like shadows always in my mind wander, love is such a tortured person. After much hesitation and hesitation, the ice finally declare to the heart, and only threatened the heart of his confession jump; heart never thought that the eyes of many girls, Bluntly refused a heart of ice, the eyes of heart, although the ice cool, learning Ye Hao, but eventually too much bother to pay their own hands in such a male it is unreliable. Is the heart refused, the ice was very upset and very frustrated, he was too strong to find that they do not give the heart a psychological preparation; grievance is that he does not think so as the heart of flowers, many girls to pursue their own, want him that he just can not take them off it! It seems to make their own or be willing to accept steady ah! So the next day, the ice often intentionally or unintentionally, close to the heart, study and discussion, exchange of literature, and any topic of interest can cause both heart felt just this big boy profound erudition hearted and humorous, with him always moody is very pleasant! Handsome boys just do not trust people really ah! Ice can do so pursue to them?
ice and launched an attack on the heart! Pro junior winter vacation when the snow flying in the sky that night will decorate the entire campus has become a fairy-tale world. Eating out the way the ice to talk about heart to heart. Hesitated a long time after all the heart turned down, dead ice was stirred to a sudden awkward: Heart said. Put down the phone, the heart would not mind the ice, the ice that she wanted to Ken for his Playboy How hard night in the snow waiting for it? He will naturally go back a while. Xiang Ba, the heart to go to bed sleep. Twitter buzz while the heart awakened dreams, I saw just a few dating back from the outside is buzzing about the roommate, the big guy standing motionless ice snow waiting downstairs who? Which the girls can be worth so infatuated with him? Was suddenly scared out of bed and jumped up and quickly went to the window, looking down along the glass ... ...
were numerous snow sprinkled the earth, standing upright in the snow, a pretty figure; he body was covered with snow almost become a snowman, was shocked statue exudes holy light! Ice. Look at the time has come to zero at midnight, the ice in the snow even stood a full four hours! Heart, of the; heart, a soft; heart, soft; heart, drunk! All the tears start coming out of writhing unconsciously. Desperate heart ran downstairs and threw herself into the arms of the ice: Ice hug for my favorite girl, trembling body, gone, although he was almost frozen, but my heart is very warm, very warm ... ... What a classic scene, like most of the Qiong Yao pen romantic novels, though old-fashioned but sincere and moving. Snow and ice witnessed the heart of love. Whether they love Delaotianhuang?
ice is really in love with the heart, his actions prove he is not the heart to imagine the Playboy. Nestled in the arms of center ice about their childhood experience, a cry for a laugh, laugh sad, sad cry. Heart of ice closer hug, and he vowed never again in my entire life suffering heart, and must let her do the world's most beautiful and most happy bride. Heart of ice and a better life for the bright future and beautiful future seems to be waving to them.
happy life is always too fast, ice, and the heart finally graduated from college. After graduating from the parents of two people into the ice-run company. In plain and warm days will be referred to the marriage of two of the agenda. They even talked about marriage to a boy or girls. Heart like girls, because girls quiet; ice like the boy because the boy sun. In the argument can not convince anyone who said it would be the last ice twins, a boy and a girl, children are still alive and that more than good! Sentence amused heart flushed, sweet heart!
Become very sudden, delicate heart felt it. During that time the ice has suddenly cheerful silence, a preoccupied look, the heart to ask him what had happened, the ice may be too busy to always say a little tired. However, in the eyes from the ice, the heart clearly feel there is anything concealed from her the ice. Finally one day the opening of the ice: Their favorite Desperate people will do? Suddenly, must have a reason to break it? But the ice did not do any explanation, go silent! Thought of the university center around the ice around the pretty female students. Playboy is Playboy after all, but he has fallen in love with him can be impossible to let go. Ice waiting for her to change her mind, and ice but intensified, since to break the ice to move out after the Build a love nest and heart; take the time to look hard to see the ice, he actually own all of the photos taken, do not stay one to the heart. Heart to see the ice to pull off and turning back. The room looked empty heart, all come to realize a dream!
ten days, two weeks later, a month later, the ice never came back. Heart beat to the ice numerous calls were turned off. Heart in any case can not believe that they will be discarded ice. But why? Why the ice suddenly become so callous, the heart can not either see through. She could only wait, she believed that the ice will come back, the ice will be back?
heart one day the phone bell rang, a Look at the familiar number, heart suddenly excited [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is the ice on the phone. She started shaking press the answer key ... ... the phone call from the ice but the ice is not the mother. Low and hoarse voice of the elderly, seem to suppress the great grief; the heart to tell her only briefly, ice the hospital, and then I hung up the phone. Hospital? An attack on a foreboding mind. Heart like a crazy rush to the hospital, she would immediately see the ice, and never get him to leave himself.
ward was quiet, clean white sheets lay quietly on a person is in a coma in the ice. Heart at the sight of ice would be scared senseless. This is the tall handsome ice it? At this point the ice face sallow, sunken eyes, the people lost a lap. Two months and not seen ice like this actually become ill. Beware that the ice is suffering from advanced liver cancer when she felt dizzy up. See [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], what have understood the heart, the heart has finally found the answer, why then pull off the ice to break up with her, it is because the ice did not want to burden heart ah! Tears drip down my face, drop two drops into the river ... ... Heart of ice clutched tightly in hand muttering: ? you think you bear all the pain of a person, I relaxed? No, the ice, you're wrong, you really wrong ... ... tear-stained face staring at heart. When finally see is the heart, eyes glazing of ice that is tears in his eyes. One pair of lovers so affectionate gaze into, how many sad how many attachment?
ice as early as three months ago, had been aware of his terminal illness, and there is no sign in the case of the day, he suddenly felt the right abdominal pain, so they made a check to the hospital. Check out the results immediately after the ice froze. After a purgatory-like suffering, the ice finally accepted the reality of calm. Just worried about him most is his favorite girl - heart. Letting go is love! In order not to hurt the heart, the ice after the final out of the worst think hard: cruel to break up. In order to prevent heart Duwusiren his own death, ice and even your photos are destroyed, the care and thought the ice, the heart is to feel?
being that suffering is still very tough battle when the ice is still concerned about the heart. Xinrudaoge parents, seeing his son running out of life, the mother will not keep the ice ice heart of a telephone call to the heart this time finally came to understand the truth. Hospitalization during chemotherapy in the ice, the heart does not have left the moment the ice, day and night waiting at the bedside to take care of him. Although the ice has long lost its former glory, the eyes can be in mind that he is still the most handsome Two people together with the power of love against the disease, which makes the ice in the last days has been the greatest comfort.
ice finally gone, from the onset to death only a short six months. Ice with the attachment of the heart was closed forever and worried about a pair of soulful eyes. Sangzaizhitong let ice suffered a heavy blow to the parents, after the ice after finished cooking, the two old man went to Germany, left Beijing this sad place. Ice heart can accompany the parents want to go with them, but the heart refused. Because the heart also has its own things to do. Lost loved ones, the heart can not stand this huge blow?
dark world; sun do not shine. Loss of the ice, the heart that the world no longer worthy of nostalgia can be a. So in that water like a quiet night, hearts dressed up like a beautiful princess; a fruit knife to solve all the pain, blood dripping down the wrist ... ... the heart does not feel pain, just a little tired, too tired she would like to sleep it! Seem to see the sky in front of center ice, the ice was so sunny, handsome, ice waving to the heart is smiling; ice flew in the past, the two people who love each other a big hug, and flew to the infinite sky, fly ... ... Beware of open your eyes, wrist wound had been bandaged, the liquid inside the bottle is dripping drop by drop ... ... not dead end into the heart, thanks to his colleagues found that time was taken to the hospital. Blankly at the ceiling [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], like the heart has a piercing pain; she wanted ice, really really miss ice. Two days after death, the heart will go from here?
lost lover's heart, after after a death in the face has become a mature and indifferent. Later, the heart left Beijing to return to his hometown in Shandong Laiwu, a small city in the heart of a man calm work, life, flash is eight years; she did not fall in love again, maybe the ice is in her mind all her life and CD one. But heart is in love with one thing: white wine, and liquor is highly, but she did not to drink, enough is enough. High spirits of a woman like to drink in my eyes with a unique and psychedelic colors. Heart told me that wine is her life! First heard this I have a jumpy feeling. Only when she was very concise talking about the experience of her life and the love story between and ice, I think I can understand why she had a soft spot for high spirits.
Heart said she might take into account the period of time in Frankfurt, Germany to help parents take care of the ice business. I would like to make the trip regardless of whether she could ultimately we have to send her best wishes! time to organize story of the heart and ice. I tried to brush his right with a plain, I think this approach should be able to basically meet the heart of all state of mind right now Dankan. Precisely, this is not a work of literature, and more like the oral memoir, I do not know whether readers have read a little bit of moving? If some touching, then even if I wrote this story a success.
This is a tribute to the great works of love, my heart was tempted asked how her future marriage is going? Her answer is not to consider! Although the ice left the heart eight, but still no one in her mind to replace the position of the ice. I would like to know the ice if Izumishita to see his girlfriend is still so fond of their own, then he should be pleased, right?

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