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A back to his left

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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2011
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Skąd: England

PostWysłany: Wto 20:32, 19 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: A back to his left

a few days ago she had suddenly thought of him, her mind is not in this life will never see him again, he was her first love, then he hurt the feelings she had cheated on her and one other were married, and she is still single.
unit of organization of training, she sat in front of a female and b male [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they are husband and wife, then c female entered, there is a space next to her, she was separated from a seat under the seat [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], she said This does not how to finger the seat vacant. c women moving their bag on the space and quickly cover is prepared to put things too!
c female eyes from time to time with the front seat of a female and b male, and she found that b M c also occasionally turned to look at the direction of where the woman, she carefully noted that women wearing c stylish, but a woman is untidy. Then came e, c the woman to put away the space to seat on the package that she would not doing the empty seat and the location just give her a e.
c female head down on the stroke has been in the book, and she accidentally saw her write the words on white paper: She remembers the bus before she said they c females there are numerous units of the wealthy, to see what you earn. Is c female who could not bear to give up the benefits and continue to give up the things that, are at the moment she is struggling? Do people struggling to make her male b it? She received from him any good, or do a powerful person.
class ten minutes off the time [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we have to go out, out there for free fruit, pastries, coffee. Sporadic and others when walking around her and a woman of her stay, saying it was not good opinions on both her stay and chat, but suddenly she saw the other branch of their company d-men (which is her first love lover), she heard his voice, he is not far away, eager to escape her, because she did not want to see him, do not want him to see her current frustrations and abjection. I want to eat something, do not mean she hurried to finish a woman ran out.
into so we have only come in when she finished, she looked up at the screen when the sight of the podium will see him, and heard his voice from time to time. Happy, sad that the former things are repeated in her mind, recalling the tragic tears were nearly fell when her mind to tell himself to nature, random. Only way to let others do not see the clues. Her sharp and bold to do so, the moment she imagined that women like her c embarrassing experience.
other afternoon session when she sat several rows in front of his position, leaving him one back from never look back. She imagined this moment and now they are strangers in close proximity, there is much to say it! That he married while she was single, so that misunderstanding to think that he was waiting for him! In fact, if she did not see that he usually could not remember him. If they have any say about [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then it is even more proud, he married, and single, she is more self-esteem, and now she had a good or bad he has anything to do with it! Random thought for a moment she looked up the location found for c women also, sitting in front of them more than the farther position.
do not want to see ex-boyfriend, not because still love him, but did not want her to see now flies good and bad, since he left these have anything to do with it, meet as but not to disturb the peace of mind a copy of this. Face betrayed his ex-girlfriend ex-boyfriend and meet again if the misfortune to stay in the back of a Qianli him, and never looked back.

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