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Dołączył: 04 Mar 2011
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Skąd: England

PostWysłany: Nie 20:54, 24 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: Repent

His wife received the phone to caesarean section, has come to more than eleven p.m.. My shop has more than eighty kilometers away from home the way, put down the phone, eager to go downstairs to find a taxi.
neon lights blinking lazily awakened from a dreamless eyes, restaurants were closed early, during the day car to drive to the station as boiling, and now getting low tide, the day of agonizing, the station is also tired, lying on the quiet night bed, listening to high and sometimes low coming from the mahjong mahjong crisp sound. I walked hurriedly, through the bright neon lights, often parked on a taxi towards the market place to walk. In the mall side of the taxi depot, where most taxi during the day here, now a blank, my heart began to anxiety up so late, where to find it? Secretly told myself: could not find a taxi today, I have to go walk the eldest son (my family lives in the eldest son.) See the mall parking lot is not a taxi, I seize the time to go in the direction to the pedestrian street crossing, where is also a taxi during the day regular gathering place. Far away saw two taxis parked there, the lights did not open, the driver sitting in car building to smoke, a flame can be seen winking and saw a taxi [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I was overjoyed. Went straight to a taxi, the taxi came before the driver on the cab, said: Could you run down to the eldest son, how much?
hundred minimum is an integer, not less! The driver said confidently.
line, a hundred to a hundred. I said.
finished, boarded, the driver started the car to the eldest son of direction. Driving House, co-pilot sitting in my position, although the issue is resolved to find the car, but did not feel relaxed. Thought: his wife, you have to caesarean section, never wait for me ah, I'm by your side, your pain when you can bite my arm or other parts. Baby, you do not rush out, so my father for a while good, well-behaved children
rapid exercise of the car, ten minutes, twenty minutes [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], half an hour
walked for about an hour, the driver noticed the arrow pointing to signs that Anze direction, he felt that some wrong, roadside farmers in the village of a busy day, have gone to sleep early at night, where only Liaoruo Chen star still lit, it is a gas station. The driver stopped at a gas station, the car hit the gas station attendant asked how to get to the eldest son of direction? Waiter told him that he return to, got to me said.
hey! Bad, around most of the day, take a lot of costly mistakes. He looked at the odometer has been running a hundred kilometers, forget their own accounts, said to me, now run down, doing just earned ten dollars. Hey look at the driver sighed
look, I'm afraid due to emotional affect his driving, said to him: Brother, do not worry your car, and I know you do not want to run costly mistakes, you is not easy to drive, to give you dozens of times does not it wants to. Money does not matter to me, as a small Shenyang spring night comedy actor said: 'eyes opened to a closed one day later, only to shut do not open my life to have passed' listen to me so that the driver's face from the cloudy sunny.
If normal driving, then got up from my place to his eldest son to forty minutes, and drivers to exercise even used the bypass and a half hour. To the eldest son of the hospital [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I am as promised, so he gave him thirty pieces. Money to pay the driver, I went straight to the obstetrics and gynecology, the aisle, all the way to see his wife and uncle, brother in law sat on the aisle side of the chair to speak. See me coming, she uncle said to me: go see your daughter!
two steps toward me and do Jiechan three steps at the door. Go after the mother holding the baby's nose breathing machine oxygen does to the children, the baby's head and moving back and forth, eyes glued to the small, I have some remorse. However, the presence of mother's face, what can I say? After a child, I asked her: Yuanyuan (the wife of a small named Yuanyuan) it?
infusion in the ward it, you go straight west out of 210 rooms, 15 beds.
in accordance with the mother said, I find his wife lived in the ward. Into the ward, Yuanyuan aunt, Sanyi and her sister were around her bed to see me come in, her aunt said to me: **, come.
En! I agreed with. Finished, I am sorry to the aunt, said: eleven more came out on the road drivers do not know the route, running a lot of costly mistakes to find the. Into a few minutes, Yuanyuan opened his eyes at me.
I asked her: body okay?
She nodded. His wife standing in the bed, she aunt said to me: Yuanyuan eight, to the eldest son of the hospital, the nurse checks the child's feet are down one after tossing a doctor, has been waiting for you, see you No, the estimates are far away from easy to find cars at night, you sometimes can not come on for you so your mother signed. When your mother signed, the signature of the hand shaking badly. Yuanyuan was carried to the operating table zero point were more than laparotomy, the baby was born at 0:08, and six pounds sixty-two children, adults and children are all right, rest assured!
Although aunt assured me, how can I ease it? When his wife was her children the most painful, I could not, as guardian of her husband at her side, even give her some encouragement or other, I can rest assured that it? I control the tears, do not let it flowed, it is not take it anymore, I excuse the toilet, into the toilet, and my tears like a broken string of beads pouring down. Ten minutes in the toilet crying, I'm afraid that their loved ones Yuanyuan, after crying [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with a face wash, touched with a tissue of the face.
affairs in appropriateness, Yuanyuan off the number of relatives left behind a mother, aunt, sister and I'll bed. Secretly told myself: I was going to wait Yuanyuan, with the actual make up their own shortcomings!

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Autor Wiadomość

Dołączył: 05 Mar 2011
Posty: 31
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Skąd: England

PostWysłany: Sob 23:27, 14 Maj 2011    Temat postu:

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